Amazon Thunder Puree Review

This is 100% pure and 100% organic Acai. If you’re taking a non-organic antioxidant, then you’re wasting your money. Non-organic products contain pesticides and toxins. Antioxidants remove these toxins from your body. If your product is not organic then you’re filling your body with harmful pesticides and toxins! This product is unrefined, unfiltered, pure 100% Brazilian organic acai pulp and is sweetened with just a touch of organic Concord Grape concentrate in place of inflammatory sugars, which are also disguised by many other terms. Beware, sugar is sugar. Adding just a touch of the organic Concord Grape concentrate is necessary to bring out the exotic taste of the acai. There is no added sugar — this is the world’s purest and only 100% organic and 100% natural acai product! 3000 orac per single ounce serving!

Packaged in 32 oz. glass bottles to avoid plastic leeching. All Acai juice if not packaged in glass bottles will leech because it has to be hot filled.

Take 1-2 oz per day. Refrigerate after opening. Consume within 32 days after opening. 18 month shelf life if unopened. SERVE CHILLED FOR BEST TASTE! Keep unopened bottles in a cool, shaded area, away from direct sunlight.

Ingredients: 100% pure organic acai pulp, Sweetened with 1 oz per bottle of organic Concord Grape concentrate in place of sugar , natural flavor and citric acid (to control the pH balance.)