Garcinia Cambogia comes from moist forests in South East Asia

An increasing number of Americans are beginning to appreciate the good weight loss supplements do when coupled with the right diet and exercise. Of course, there are hundreds of supplements with claims of being effective in preventing obesity or excessive weight but that does nothing good. Fake products only prove that there are genuine ones however few they may be.
Perhaps there has not been a more pressing time to address the issue of excess weight than the present. Aside the facts that too much body weight is not good for human wellbeing, the increasing number of people contending with this health disorder keep appreciating on a daily basis. Statistics shows that over 60% of the American population has issues with excess body weight. Taking the right diet and exercise has helped although results from both are limited and something inconspicuous. However, studies showed that when genuine and effective weight loss supplements are combined with exercise and proper dieting, the result is often significant. Experts advise that users of weight loss supplements should be sure the product they settle for portend little or no side effects and has a proven record of being effective before purchase is made. This professional position is what considering.

Many people make the mistake of only taking into consideration the effectiveness of a supplement in preventing excess weight. They feel it is of no use bothering about other attributes. This mindset is wrong. No matter the effectiveness of a supplement, patients may be adversely affected if it comes with serious side effects. Of what use is a weight reduction that leaves you a sick person?

The issue of the effectiveness of a weight loss supplement is equally important. That is the very reason for the purchase of the product. If it cannot do what it claims, then it is not fit to be sold. Unfortunately, the contemporary market is saturated with fake products that do not keep to their promises. They come with bogus claims just to deceive buyers. However, genuine and effective ones still exist, one of which is Garcinia Cambogia HCA.

Garcinia Cambogia comes from moist forests in South East Asia. It also has some presence in central Africa. They take the shape of small pumpkin fruits and are used for preparing dishes like curries. Its effectiveness in checking excess weight can be traced back to several centuries.

Doctor OZ and other renowned scientists have taken time to laud the effectiveness of Garcinia Cambogia after in-depth studies of its components and how it works. There are few authorities in the medical field whose words carry much weight like Doctor OZ, so when he says a product is good, it makes no sense doubting.

Lose Weight with All Natural 5HTP

Many people want to lose weight. Weight loss can be challenging. There are some may diet pills and products that promise to help a person take off the pound but it is hard to tell if they are going to work. Some product have dangerous side effects. For those that still need some assistant loosing the extra pounds there is a natural produce that can help. The weight loss aide 5HTP  can help a person shed the pound and get into shape. This products has been approved by many doctors. Even Doctor Oz endorses this products as a helpful diet aide.

The product 5HTP is really a chemical compound. This compound helps the body increase its production of serotonin which a hormone that helps to regulate a person’s mood. This compound is also considered by many to be one of the best known appetite suppressants. This compound is a natural compound that is produced in a number of plants. It is also made in the seeds of the griffoniz simplicifolia plant which is a shrub in West Africa. In addition to assisting with weight loss this compound can help a person who is experiencing headaches, insomnia, depressions , and even help with the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

This compound can be taken as a supplement. The supplement aides in the production of serotonin. The supplements gets into the blood stream and reaches the brain. It increases the production of serotonin which not only puts a person in a good mood but takes away a person’s hunger. A person can eat less and feel full faster. This product has been studied for over thirty years in clinical trails. A group that was given the compound last around ten pounds in a twelve week study. The group studies that was not given the compound lost only two pound. Each group was put on the same low calories diet. This supplement works best for people who crave food when they are not feeling hungry. It also works for people who grave foods high in carbohydrates.

The supplement has shown to be safe and have few side effects. Since this compound is all natural it is found to be safe for short term use up to twelve weeks. Some people that already have gastrointestinal problems should use this produce under the care of a doctor. They may experience some feelings of nauseas, or diarrhea. People taking antidepressants should also be careful when using this product. The 5HTP is a great aide for taking off stubborn pounds. Featured on the Doctor Oz show this product has been shown to help a person feel full longer. When purchasing this supplement make sure it is the real produce. There are imitations on the market that contain unhealthy fillers. As with any supplement be sure to talk to a doctor before use. When looking to remove some extra pounds and feel full quicker this supplement is a good choice in the goal to reach a healthy weight.

Buyer’s Guide to Svetol® Green Coffee Extract

It’s a proven fact that green coffee bean extract can help you lose a lot more weight without any extra effort. In fact, world-renowned Dr. Oz was one of the first health experts to speak out about it and bring it to the public’s attention. Describing it as a magical bean and miracle weight loss pill that can work for any body type, he even ended up doing his very own study on it. It’s amazing that such a thing has existed all this time and we’re only just now discovering it. A true weight loss pill that works independent of any other factors including diet and exercise. But don’t run out to buy it just yet.

You may have heard all about green coffee extract by now, but you might not know that there are some better than others. If you want to maximize the weight loss from this extract then you need to buy one that contains Svetol and a minimum of 45 to 50 percent chlorogenic acid.

What is Svetol and Chlorogenic Acid?
Svetol has a very unique composition that sets it apart from other extracts. Proven time and time again in a variety of different studies, you can feel safe about taking it. Full of rich, active ingredients, Svetol is developed using the lesser-known type of coffee beans – Robusta coffee beans. Most of the generic green coffee extracts you find available on the market are created from Arabica coffee beans, which only has about half of the chlorogenic acid that Svetol has. In addition to this very important aspect, when creating Svetol there are other ingredients and compounds that are removed because they can be potentially dangerous. A couple of these are kahweol and cafestol.

What’s so Important About Chlorogenic Acid?
Chlorogenic acid, or GCA, is what’s responsible for the majority of green cofffee extract’s effectiveness. It’s an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that boosts the fat burning capabilities of your body. It slows down and limits the amount of glucose absorbed into your bloodstream after you eat.

Health Benefits Other than Weight Loss
Other than losing weight and having more energy, green coffee extract actually does several things. Other benefits you can expect are lower blood pressure, lower LDL cholesterol, a stronger immune system and better mental performance.

Buying Green Coffee Bean Extract
Don’t be fooled by greedy marketers trying to cash in on the latest weight loss craze. Some of them prominently display the word “Pure” on the label to make you think it’s better than the others. Truth is, “Pure” means pretty much nothing. What you need to look for are two things:

First, make sure that it contains the bare minimum of chlorogenic acid: 45%. If it has less than that, it hasn’t been proven by any research yet. Studies proving the weight loss effectiveness of green coffee extract had at least 45% chlorogenic acid.

Secondly, make sure that it clearly says Svetol® or GCA® (green coffee antioxidant) on the label.

If you’re buying online and they don’t give you the option to clearly read the ingredients, then look elsewhere. The ingredients should be easily accessible and you should make sure that it clearly states there are no added, artificial filler ingredients.

Unroasted or green coffee beans can easily result in a sizable loss in body weight in about days

Dr. Oz shared on his TV show that green coffee bean extract fat burning, fresh medical fact-finding mission acknowledges that green coffee bean extract is certainly compelling anti-oxidant, and additionally it tremendously causes amazing weight loss and maintaining a level blood sugar level.

You can easily browse through more about green coffee and additional safe diet products at

There plainly are lots of fantastic health perks surrounding using green coffee bean extract. studies attested that men and women who used green coffee bean extract supplements had far better command of their weight.

The Science Daily News reported: Basing on most experts, unroasted or green coffee beans can easily result in a sizable loss in body weight in about days. A modern study showcased at the Exposition of the American Chemical Society summarized how a collection of obese men and women who used green coffee bean extract pills each day lost approximately 10 % of their body weight.

Coming from Dr. OZ Info Paper: Green coffee defines the untainted and raw coffee beans.

Coffees consequences on weight loss have traditionally credited to its other aspects, involving chlorogenic acid, that has been proven to boost sugar and carbohydrates metabolism in animal reports. Chlorogenic acid shows that it impede an enzyme which clearly encourages sugar development in the liver. Chlorogenic acid thats found in coffee can be the grounds for glycemic disorders diminished chance, when men and women be involved in persistent coffee usage.

Doctor Mehment C. Oz has come to be a well-known American cardiothoracic medical specialist, article author, and tv celebrity. His freshly released recommendation of green coffee extract for the tv audience could possibly decrease the evolving unhealthy weight gain and diabetes rash breeding throughout North America and Europe as the coffee consuming community transforms over from regular to green coffee consuming. Lots of folks who have used the green coffee extract supplements note considerable progress in their aptitude to get rid of fat coupled with better blood glucose level management.

Coffee beans consist of chemical component combinations and various ones arent truly affected by roasting, though additional compounds are introduced when the green bean is roasted. Like usual, men and women must contact their specialist prior to starting green coffee bean extract.

On the occasion that everyday people continue losing so much weight from green coffee bean extract, the big drug companies might start inventing fictitious statements about how harmful this extract is to add to your diet because they realize it may likely reduce their profits.

Snooki rocks it with the HCG diet

Any one can and will agree with me that Nicole Snookie is a cool lady. All TV personalities have a culture that promotes that above the rest of us. But when it comes to Nicole, it is true that she is in a class of her own. Her figure is the envy of all of us. The fact that she has lost 17 p pounds dramatically has had millions of her fans asking of the secrets of her dramatic weight loss. Housewives all over the nations are in a doing everything to imitate her spectacular weight loss. Despite the repots in some parts of the media that she uses a variety of tricks to maintain her enviable figure.
Snookie has revealed her secrets to instant weight loss in various TV interviews.

One of the greatest secret is the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin at she has been dieting. This is on top of cutting down her alcohol intake and excising a lot. The diet regime that she has adopted has had positive rewards on her life and the lives of many other people all over the world. Nicole Snookie has been using a HCG diet like many other women in the world. HCG is a hormone that is produced by the placenta when a woman is pregnant. It usually stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This hormone is responsible for controlling the metabolic reactions or functions of a woman. It is synthetically produced and utilized in diet protocols to aid in weight loss.

Like in the case of Nicole Snookie, weight loss is rapid with HCG. It is important to note that Nicole has reported a weight loss of about 17 pounds in two months. This is compatible with data on HCG weigh loss in most programs. Most HCG dieter post that they have been losing around five pounds a day. To ensure that weight loss is rapid, one should also eat a lot of vegetables together with various salads. Nicole has also reported that her weight loss with the HCG diet has been helped by her reduction in alcohol drinking. Nicole has also posted that she has been taking a lot of fibers to supplement her HCG diet. Nicole has popularized the HCG diet. In the wake of her press releases to advocate the diet, the diet program has increased the number of women that have been using the diet.

Biothin – the latest diet product from Dr Mercola

Dr. Mercola is a well respected nutritionalist and staunch organic foods advocate who runs a very successful website, I truly appreciate the depth of knowledge he shares and the energy he devotes to educating the public on the dangers of “supermarket” and junk foods that are truly killing millions every year. Yes, he does sometimes go a bit overboard in crazy conspiracy theories, but much of that is hype to stir interest among his readers.






Top Quality Products

His line of products that he promotes thru his website are definately first rate, top quality products that are targeted at correcting nutritional deficiencies that are most common in the diets of average US citizens. However, the army of writers and researchers employed by don’t come cheap and the huge overhead has to be paid for somewhere. That somewhere is in the price of his products being several times higher than similar products.

His latest product is a prime example of the top quality, top price model. Biothin uses SOME of the very finest ingredients natural that have been shown to aid in weight loss without serious side effects or risks associated with some other popular diets like the hcg diet. However, at $39 for a bottle of 60 (500mg) capsules, the price is nearly 3 times that of products using similar ingredients but not carrying the name a marketing muscle of mercola.

African Mango the key

The main ingredient that most of the claims are based on is Irvingia gabonensis. It is better known as African Mango, but he never refers to that name. Probably because readers would google it and realize that although it is THE hot weight loss product today, it is also fairly inexpensive at around $13 a bottle

Besides African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis), the other ingredients of Biothin are:

  • Hoodia Gordonii
  • Fucoxanthin
  • pomegranate
  • Ginger root
  • Gambooge (Garcinia Cambogia)
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Cayenne

These are all excellent ingredients for a natural weight loss aid with few side effects. But they are all fairly inexpensive ingredients, so we don’t really understand why it is priced so high. A much more competitively priced (and possibly more effective) product is SDF-3. SDF-3 also uses African Mango as it’s primary product, and some of the other secondary products as Biothin, but also includes Acai Berry and Sea Buckthorn. More about SDF-3 below.

Do not overuse!

The other problem we have with Biothin is the use of Hoodia. It IS an effective, natural hunger control product with few side effects when used in small quantities. But the addition of Hoodia does limit the amount of Biothin you can take in a day, so those interested in using larger doses for more aggressive weight loss programs should not be considering Biothin.

But, there are many people who really don’t mind paying extra for quality products and don’t have agressive weight loss goals,, so if you are one of those we do heartily recommend Biothin for safe, natural, weight loss.

Alternative to Biothin

A less expensive and possible more effective alternative to Biothin is just being introduced now by New Life Botanicals called SDF-3.

SDF-3 stands for Superfruit Diet Formula 3 because the main ingredients, African Mango, Acai Berry, and Sea Buckthorn were labelled “superfruits” by Dr Oz. It also has most of the same ingredients as Biothin (excluding Hoodia), so it is logical that it would be even more effective a weight loss aid.

Better yet, the 3 superfruits are documented to have MANY overall health benefits and no real side effects – in fact NONE of the ingredients used have significant side effects, so you aren’t nearly as limited in how much SDF-3 you can take in a day. And even though Acai Berry and Sea Buckthorn are VERY expensive ingredients by themselves, SDF-3 is priced quite a bit lower than Biothin. So obviously, although Biothin is a good (but overpriced) product, SDF-3 is actually our first choice for a natural weight loss product currently on the market.

Key ingredients in Biothin and how they work

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression “middle-age spread”. As you reach middle age and beyond, your body begins to store and release fat differently. And this all happens out of sight at your body’s cellular level. Your fat cells control their size and number by secreting three different ‘command signals’:

Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase

These command signals tell your brain whether to stop or to continue to eat. And you’ll soon discover that it’s because of these three substances that many young, physically active people can consume what seems like endless calories without packing on pounds.

Wouldn’t you like to be in control of these signals, as when you were younger?
I’m sure you’ve noticed that when you are on a diet, often all you can think about is food. But what if that wasn’t the case?

Wouldn’t that make dieting soo much easier? What if you could sit down at the table and eat only what you need, without having to exert extreme willpower to stop yourself from overeating?

Meet Leptin, the hormone that is key to the brain/body signals that control your hunger. The fat cells in your body secrete leptin. Leptin acts as a chemical signal in your blood that tells your brain you have eaten enough.

When you are younger, your brain responds to the signal from the leptin and you feel full. Your body functions as it should and you maintain the ideal weight.

Not only does leptin help shut down your hunger, it also helps you burn more calories. Leptin stimulates the breakdown of stored triglycerides from your fat cells. That is, when your body works as it should.

Leptin Overload
This is the problem. Much like “the boy who cried wolf” too often, your brain eventually stops paying attention to the Leptin signal if it is overused. Or a more apt analogy is Insulin resistance. Over time it takes more and more Insulin, or Leptin, for your body to respond to the signal. Most overweight individuals already have high levels of leptin circulating in their bloodstream. And because of this overload, their fat cells become less sensitive to leptin – that is, cells do not receive and respond to leptin signals optimally.

We know understand that leptin resistance contributes to weight gain.

When you’re overweight, your fat cells also increase in size. They pump more and more leptin into your bloodstream in an attempt to better get their message through to your brain. But, unfortunately, your brain does not “hear” the message in an optimal way.

In response, two things happen.

First, your body burns less fat.
Second, your fat cells soak up fewer free fatty acids from your bloodstream. The overabundance of fatty acids in your blood causes your muscles to become less responsive to insulin than they ideally should, ultimately leading to a rise in blood sugar. This in turn only leads to more free fatty acids, more fat stores and a vicious cycle.
But That’s Not All. There are Still Two More to Go…

We’ve talked about leptin and how it’s an important chemical signal that commands your brain to cease eating.

The second signal produced and released by your fat cells is adiponectin – a hormone that helps to maintain your body’s normal insulin sensitivity. As the amount of fat tissue increases, the level of adiponectin decreases. Larger fat cells naturally produce less adiponectin. Levels of adiponectin also appear to be directly related to belly fat.

Overall, levels are lower in overweight people and higher in lean people. When you lose weight, more adiponectin is available to promote health.

Last but not least, glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase is the third command signal that your fat cells produce. This is an enzyme that helps convert starch and sugar calories to stored body fat.

I probably don’t need to state the obvious, but I’m sure you’re beginning to see why maintaining healthy, normal levels of these three substances may be helpful for not just a lean and trim body, but for total health.*

Just to summarize how these three substances can help contribute to maintenance of your ideal weight… in my opinion, the perfect weight loss tool would help:

  • Increase adiponectin
  • Decrease glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
  • Allow leptin’s natural signals to be “heard” optimally

There are several things you can do to help promote your cells’ ideal sensitivity to leptin and support the second two important command signals:

  • Avoid processed foods
  • Avoid high fructose corn syrup, sugars, grains, fruit juices, and sweetened and diet drinks
  • Supplement with high quality omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oils (and Acai Berry products)
  • Add Sea Buckthorn supplements to your diet

Also important in reducing Leptin resistance and having your brain pay attention to the “full” signals is : EXERCISE !

Exercise helps your body hear its natural command signals. Of course, no discussion about promoting your cells’ optimal ability to respond to leptin’s signals would be complete without mention of exercise. If you’re not accustomed to exercising, I advise you to start slowly. Even something as simple as rebounding on a mini trampoline or a brisk walk or bike ride around your neighborhood will help you get started.

Find something you like to do – and commit to doing it regularly.

Ok, enough about the theory – here is some specifics on the products:

How African Mango helps Leptin Sensitivity in Overweight People

An extract from a West African herb called Irvingia gabonensis may help support optimal leptin sensitivity in overweight people. And by promoting your body’s ideal sensitivity to leptin, you can better know when your body has eaten enough food. In a recently published study, Irvingia demonstrated positive effects upon leptin blood levels and resulted in weight loss and inches off the waistline.

Over a 10-week period, one double-blind study group received 150 mg of Irvingia extract twice daily while maintaining the same diet and exercise level. This group lost an average of 28 pounds whereas the placebo group lost less than three pounds.

The Irvingia group also maintained healthy blood glucose, cholesterol, and LDL levels that were already within the normal range, and experienced a significant reduction in C-reactive protein levels. Plus, there was a significant reduction overall of circulating leptin and a significant increase in adiponectin.

Irvingia Targets ALL Three Signals That May be Involved in
Age-Related Weight Gain

Irvingia targets the important factors that I mentioned above that may be involved in age-related weight gain, such as responding to your fat cells’ command signals.

In addition to supporting healthy leptin sensitivity , Irvingia also helps:

Reduce the activity of glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase which may help reduce the amount of starch and sugar calories that turn into body fat.
Support a slowing of the rate of carbohydrate absorption from the intestines and a reduction of the caloric impact of starchy and sugary foods.
Support healthy adiponectin levels while helping to maintain healthy insulin sensitivity.
Of course, I must carefully caution you that if you eat more calories than your body can utilize, weight loss can’t occur. Excess calories are stored as fat in your fat cells. It’s just that simple. In my opinion, you simply can’t consume unlimited calories and expect to shed fat pounds by taking a product that might happen to show weight loss in a research study.

Hoodia Gordonii

Long hunting trips through the vast desert have long been a way of life for the San Bushmen, one of the world’s oldest and most primitive hunter-gatherer tribes.

To survive in the scorching environment, the Bushmen depended on a spiny succulent plant growing wild in the desert.

In addition to the much-needed moisture, they discovered an unexpected side effect when they consumed this plant. Their appetites diminished!

For the San Bushmen, this provided a clear advantage. They could focus on the task at hand – hunting and gathering food to take back to their tribes.

This miraculous plant was Hoodia Gordonii. However, it wasn’t until the 1960s that scientists began taking a closer look at this plant and its traditional use as an appetite suppressant.

An Astonishing Discovery for Weight Management

In 2004, researchers at one of the most highly-regarded medical schools in the U.S. studied the effect of Hoodia on the appetite of rats. After being fed Hoodia, the rats’ caloric intake dropped by almost half and they lost weight. While these results cannot necessarily be imputed to humans, knowing the hearty appetite of rats, the researchers were impressed by the findings.

Unlike some other products, Hoodia works in a way that doesn’t affect the entire body. It helps trick your brain into thinking your stomach is full, even if it’s not! A natural response is a decrease in the excessive desire to eat.

Over thirty years of research on Hoodia ended in the discovery of a potent substance known as P57. The researchers found that P57 acts in a part of the brain known as the hypothalamus – which is your body’s appetite control center.

Here’s how scientists believe P57 works:

When your hypothalamus senses blood glucose levels from food, it triggers a signal to your body to quit eating. Researchers at a highly-regarded U.S. university found P57 to be about 1,000 times more active in rats than glucose, so it can send a ‘stop eating’ message way sooner.

When crews from UK and U.S. news shows traveled to South Africa to investigate this story, they personally sampled Hoodia to experience its reported effects for themselves. Both the UK and U.S. reporters and crews said they experienced reduced hunger after eating Hoodia.* And here’s more positive news… Hoodia has no known side effects based on studies done to date.

Fucoxanthin – The Gift From the Sea

In my opinion, Fucoxanthin is one of the most exciting substances to hit the weight loss market in quite some time.

A natural carotenoid (natural pigments found primarily in plants and algae), Fucoxanthin exists naturally in brown seaweed, a type of kelp. Preliminary animal research performed in Russia and Japan suggests that fucoxanthin may help burn fat.

Also, here’s a huge plus for you and others searching for an effective yet natural option that doesn’t disrupt your activities and sleep. Fucoxanthin revs up your metabolism without stimulating your central nervous system.* Although it’s not fully understood how fucoxanthin works, it appears to target a protein called UCP1 that increases the rate at which belly fat is burned.

Evidence is emerging showing that the fucoxanthin component is a powerful antioxidant that can protect your cells from free radical damage*. It also may support your:

Cardiovascular health
Healthy immune response
Maintenance of healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels that are already within the normal range
Maintenance of healthy blood pressure levels that are already within the normal range
Healthy liver function
So, for natural weight loss, along with eating a healthy diet according to your Nutritional Type plus exercising, I urge you to consider BioTHIN with Irvingia that includes fucoxanthin to help jumpstart your weight loss efforts.

The king of Ancient health foods – Pomegranate

The pomegranate has been a staple of Asian diets since ancient times. The rich ruby fruit was mentioned in Egyptian papyrus scrolls dating back to 1550 BC. And in ancient Greek myths, the pomegranate represented life and regeneration.
Its traditional use dates back more than 3,000 years. Modern science is actively rediscovering its potential for a more healthful life. Recent studies reveal a surprising host of benefits for consuming pomegranate.

Pomegranates contain powerful antioxidants that help quench free radicals in your body. One study suggests that pomegranate shows triple the amount of antioxidant activity of either green tea or red wine.
Other studies suggest that pomegranates contain bioflavonoids to help maintain healthy capillary walls.
BioTHIN with Irvingia™ is enhanced with pomegranate extract standardized to 40 percent punicosides, which are the most powerful antioxidants in pomegranate.
Research suggests other benefits from pomegranate:

  • Contributes to tissue health
  • Supports heart health
  • Supports healthy blood lipid levels that are already within the normal range
  • Supports the immune system
  • Helps maintain proper oxidative balance in your body

As if that’s not enough, BioTHIN with Irvingia™ includes another plant that’s just now becoming popular in weight management – though it has existed for a long, long time.

Ginger – The Ancient Spice

Ginger root offers many health benefits. Sought after for more than 5,000 years by the ancients of China and India for its health-promoting properties, ginger remains highly in demand by spice traders.
Today, it continues to be a component of a full half of all traditional herbal products.

Research suggests that it may have the ability to help offset some of the less desirable effects of a high-fat diet.

With 12 different antioxidants, ginger provides powerful free radical protection.

In addition, ginger…

  • Supports optimal cell division
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Promotes a healthy immune response
  • Supports digestive system health
  • The Indian Fruit that May Help Assist Your Battle of the Bulge

Garcinia Cambogia (also known as “gambooge”)

Gambooge is a small fruit resembling a miniature pumpkin. Naturally found in India and parts of Asia, it has a long and popular history as a condiment. The dried rind is used as a flavoring in many dishes.

Preliminary research suggests that its biologically active compound, hydroxycitric acid (HCA), can inhibit the body’s ability to store lipids and fatty acids.* This natural extract may also inhibit conversion of excess calories to body fat.

And it may suppress appetite by signaling your brain that enough food has been eaten, possibly through its effect on neurotransmitters.* When you get a dose of Garcinia in BioTHIN with Irvingia™, you receive it in its preferred, active form – standardized to 50% HCA.

The Wonders of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has been used for centuries as an energizing tonic and elixir, which is why we put it in the BioThin with Irvingia.

ACV is a completely natural product resulting from a two-step fermentation process of apples, from which it retains all the nutritional benefits of the apples plus gaining the extra acids and enzymes from fermentation. While the research is only preliminary, there are four suggested ways ACV may help you lose weight:

#1. ACV May Increase Satiety

The same hormonal reflex that sends a “full” message from your digestive system to your brain (discussed when talking about Hoodia earlier) is also triggered by ACV*. Scientists think that satiety – or feeling “full” – occurs more quickly with acetic acid (the ‘sour’ part of ACV).

A preliminary Swedish study suggested that higher intake of ACV before meals was associated with significantly lower glycemic responses and an increased satiety score.

#2. May Suppress Appetite

Preliminary evidence suggests that pectin, the water-soluble fiber in apples and ACV, may absorb water and make your stomach feel a little full before beginning your meal.

#3. May Improve Digestion

Improving your digestion means fats stay in your digestive tract for a shorter time, with less absorption of those fats into your system. A number of other health benefits you may receive from ACV include:

  • Helps support bone health through minerals
  • Helps maintain healthy lipid levels that are already within the normal range.
  • Helps maintain healthy heart and circulatory system.
  • Support healthy immune response.
  • Aids in normal detoxification of your body.

Many people don’t care for the taste and smell of apple cider vinegar by itself. We solved that problem for you by adding it to our all-natural weight-loss formula, BioTHIN with Irvingia™ without its taste or smell!

Cayenne – The Fiery Catalyst that May Help Burn More Calories

Capsaicin in fiery cayenne pepper may
deliver metabolism-boosting benefits. The powder from the cayenne pepper has been honored as both a food and for its health-promoting properties for over 9,000 years.
A substance in cayenne pepper, capsaicin, gives cayenne its hot and spicy taste.

Scientists believe that cayenne may act as a Health-promoting catalyst when combined with other herbs

Some animal and human studies suggest that cayenne may increase the body’s production of heat for a short time.

This increase in body heat may possibly burn more calories and increase metabolism.

Additionally, research is ongoing about whether cayenne can help regulate blood sugar and break down carbohydrates after a meal.

What else might both ginger and cayenne do for you? They’re reported to:

  • Support cardiovascular health
  • Support digestive health
  • Help regulate normal detoxification
  • Help promote a healthy immune response
  • Provide energy
  • Now These Eight Amazing Plants and Herbs Can Be Yours

You don’t need to struggle alone with weight management any longer. And you don’t need to expose your body to alternative, potentially dangerous weight loss options.

Now you can say goodbye to those fad diets. Instead, BioTHIN with Irvingia™ may help you reach your weight-loss goals when used in combination with exercise and a healthy diet.

Plus, BioTHIN with Irvingia™ gives you so much more than ‘just’ support for weight loss. It can also give you nutritional benefits – antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that all contribute to your optimal health.

Genetics Coffee and Craving

The amount of caffeine you consume might be influenced by DNA. Researchers have come to realize that DNA might be playing a very huge role in the way people are consuming beverages with caffeine such as coffee, foods like chocolate and tea. The research has some interesting explanations as to the reason some people are always taking many beverages with caffeine such as many coffee cups or cans of soda in a specific day. Of all the explanations, the fact that taking more cups could be a result of genetic variability is something that many were not aware of.

The study was done by a group of institutions such as the National Cancer Institute and the renowned Harvard School of Public Health as well as a couple of others. It was discovered there are two gene variations affecting caffeine metabolism and associated with the amount of caffeine some people take. Those individuals having variations of the two genes end up taking more caffeine, in this case, drinking more beverages containing the substance, as suggested by Cornelis C. Marilyn, PhD, a researcher in Harvard School of Public Health and the head of the study.

The two genes have been identified as CYP1A2 and AHR, where the first one has been determined for some time now as being effective in some role within caffeine metabolism. For AHR, it usually plays its influence on CYP1A2. An important aspect of the genes is that all the people have the same genes but the amount of caffeine drank is much different across the two gene variables. For instance, those with the highest consumption of gene variant for any of the two genes usually consume more milligrams of coffee (40) than those individuals who have gene varieties of the lowest consumption genotype. To get a clear picture of the amount consumed, a third of caffeinated soda or a third of coffee cup is equivalent to 40 milligrams.

The research was also very instrumental in giving more information on coffee intake in particular. For example, a person who takes many coffee cups in the office, home or across town in a single day might be carrying corresponding variations geared towards consumption of higher caffeine because of high intake. Many people probably think this high intake of coffee might be to enjoy some good feeling. The researchers did elaborate that such an intake of coffee might be in trying to have levels brought into the right proportion to have withdrawal symptoms done away with. In case such a person lacks a cup of coffee, they mostly become sullen, lack sleep and develop some hurtful headache. An individual with such a high intake of coffee can be confirmed as a caffeine metabolizer, while it is very clear this is not the only area genetics play some role. This genetic variability could also be playing a huge role in the way some behaviors are developed and maintained, such as smoking and consumption of alcohol.

The details on the research are gathered from five studies that were conducted from 1984 to 2001 with the conclusions derived from consumption of caffeine but in an average fashion through chocolate, sodas with caffeine, tea and coffee. The research had 47,000 participants drawn from Americans mostly from the white community of whom 80% got their caffeine from coffee as does a similar number of the adult population in the United States. What is much clear is that these variants of genetics have been affecting the way the body usually processes caffeine levels.

Caffeine is not only implicated in body processes but clear in the fact that the variants have an effect on other areas as well. For example, caffeine manifests in physiological and medical conditions as well, ending up influencing body moods, energy levels, physical performance, and mental ability and sleep patterns. These major conditions are usually affected or disrupted in case caffeine is withdrawn or dwindled. This is also true with products that contain caffeine such as coffee and their implication in a number of health conditions.

Researchers have also indicated that studying the effects of caffeine on body systems, for example within the cardiovascular systems is bound to be really tough if all the people being studied were processing the levels of caffeine in their bodies rather differently.

The new knowledge in genetics has been discovered to be very important in that it is able to advance research on caffeine while potentially being able to identify subgroups and in the definition via genotype of the part of the human population mostly susceptible to the use of caffeine. Researchers also indicated there might be other genes within the facets of caffeine yet to be discovered and more research is needed to give exact function of the required variants. The research does open the door for more research on genetics and their effect on the way people consume, process and maintain caffeine levels.

HCG weight loss diet an extreme option

For super fast weight loss, the HCG diet may be the answer. Taking HCG helps people stay on a strict diet plan that really does result in super fast weight loss of 20-30 pounds per month. The most reliable supplier with the best prices is Here.

I recently spoke to two weight-loss success stories, who claimed to have gone on this special diet, which uses HCG pregnancy hormone injections to stop hunger, and re-direct the body’s daily fuel needs to take from excess fat which is stored. HCG stands for, “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin”. This is a hormone which is created in everyone’s body and mass-produces in pregnant women, as it assists with increasing the fat stored in the baby so that the baby can develop healthily.

Is this for real?

That’s what I said at first, but when I began to do some more research, it became evident that everybody I spoke to, having tried the diet, was not only a weight-loss success story, but they had also kept the weight off.

Very Agressive weight loss

Unlike Acai Berry Diet, which really is just healthy eating and taking the supplements, the HCG diet comes with a VERY aggressive diet plan – 500 calories a day! It is tough, but people are doing it and having outstanding results! The key is the effect on your hunger mechanism that the HCG hormones induce. It really didn’t make sense to me that a hormone produced in quantity by pregnant women would help someone feel LESS hungry, since everyone knows pregnant women are always hungry and usually GAIN a lot of weight. Then someone explained the evolutionary reasoning behind the effect:

For tens of thousand of years, humans didn’t always have the easy life we have today – in fact, getting enough to eat was often a huge luxury. So, during pregnancy, women can divert a large percentage of their caloric intake to the growing fetus which is much more vulnerable. It is thought that the hormone HCG produced by women during pregnancy triggers a response in the body that allows it to scavenge the bodies energy stores (fat) if less food is available for the mother (since baby needs it more). This mechanism allows people – yes, even men – to function normally on such a restricted calorie diet.

Natural Survival mechansim at work

Well, that makes sense! The hormones which are taken each day, tricks the brain into thinking that the person is in fact pregnant. Mother Nature dictates that the amount of food a mother takes in is not dependent on how much the fetus grows. If the mother under-eats, the fetus will still develop and grow at a normal rate once the mother is not malnourished for weeks on end. This happens naturally, as the nutrients and fat can come from the mother’s body rather than from the food she may or may not take in each day.

The principle is the same with the diet, whereby the person reduces their caloric intake to as little as 500 calories per day, similar to that of a fast, and the rest of the energy needs are met from the fat which is stored in the body. HCG triggers the body to draw from excess fat stores to fuel daily energy needs, as if the body were feeding a fetus.

Real vs False Hunger

The result is that the person experiences no loss of energy or vitality, the weight drops off very rapidly, and the distinction between real hunger and craving food is made very clear. If your body is getting all that it needs from its stores, it is not calling for calories, and therefore you are not experiencing hunger as you had before. Your only experience of hunger is that which exists in your mind.

The smell of food, may entice you to want to eat, but the feeling of hunger is not actually there. And so, those successful participants who stuck with the meagre daily 500-calorie regime that accompanies the injections, had to disconnect real hunger from false hunger. This is an exercise of mind power, and can really benefit people in the long run to manage their cravings and curb unhealthy eating patterns. They all claim to have begun to really see how food has a psychological fix and a very strong effect on their behavioural eating patterns.

Water is important!

Despite the daily 4 litres of water that are required of the participants, the feelings of hunger were described as not as strong as the thoughts of food. Water is the thing that cleanses a person’s body on many different levels. It cleanses the palate, the organs, kidneys, and the mind. Being clean on the inside provides a different experience of thinking, much like what the Buddhists believe. I compare this process of distinguishing “craveness” from hunger, to a spiritual practice. Just like a meditation, it takes one’s last shred of self-control to fight off those urges to want to taste and enjoy food in the palate. Step away from the saliva! Focus, focus, focus.


Up to 14 pounds of weight has been lost in as little as 2 1/2 weeks, others claim even more drastic weight loss results. One thing that is for sure is that it teaches you to eat properly, it teaches restrictions and trains you how to eat within a framework of lean, small and healthy proportions. You realise that all the excess food that you were eating previously was unnecessary. By eating along the lines of this diet, you will have a good path laid out for you to experience a healthier, slimmer you.

After the diet

Everyone knows that the flipside of “fast” is “fat”, SO how you go about re-introducing food into your life after hormones? This is now the tricky part. After three or four full weeks of nothing to eat, you need to be ready to decide to call it quits and begin a new relationship with food, if you want to go forward with your new bod.

For more info, or to try HCG yourself, visit: HCG diet

Is it effective?

Back in the summer of 2008 Dr Oz went on the Oprah show and raved about acai berry . People really took notice and the world started talking about acai , but I was already a fan. In January 2008 my divorce was finalized and I realized if I was going to have any success in the dating scene, I needed to lose the 35 extra pounds I had gained since graduating from medical school ( not to mention that it doesn’t inspire much confidence in patients when the doctor is so overweight ). So, I cut out most of the junk food and started running again, but my knees were giving me problems. Then a fellow doctor who is also a well known nutritional expert turned me on to AMAZON THUNDER ACAI JUICE. All the talk about antioxident this, omega 3 that, didn’t really mean much to me, but I decided to follow his advice and give it a try. I was actually a little surprised the following week to notice my knees WERE feeling better, so I kept taking the juice and increased the miles I was running.

Healthy is good, but weight loss is even better

At that point I was a fan of acai berry juice because of the anti-inflammatory properties, but I began to realize it also cut down the hunger and I was staying away from the snack machine in the mornings.

So I decided to step it up a notch, and started looking for some Acai Pills. After a LOT of research, I found acaiberrysite – ( Use my frequent buyer discount code ABD123 to GET 10% OFF! )
and started taking 2 of those in the afternoon. That pretty much killed the afternoon junk binging and brought me to dinner in good shape.

Success – Looking Good!

So now, with a good supply of juice and pills, I started taking 2 more pills in the evening, which did the trick to avoid the deadly late night snacking. Before I knew it, the pounds were coming off! Over 9 pounds the first month, and 13 the next. By then, I was only about 5 pounds over my target (what I weighed in College)! A long vacation put a few pounds back on, and I did the yo-yo thing for a while, but by the 4 month point I actually dipped below my target weight and have more or less been there ever since.

Anyways, here I am now at 165 pounds, feeling and looking great right? So if you know any cute 30 something females in the SF Bay area, shoot me an email – [email protected] If not, good luck to you all anyways, and drop a comment below to let everyone else know how you make out with your diet

Using Health Supplements To Help Your Diet

Most people eat unhealthily, these days, (especially those who cannot say no to food), even those who are calorie counters because they do not always eat the correct foods anyway. Often these people do not care hold old the item is, they just don’t want to see it wasted. Whatever this person sees that’s not nailed down they will eat, regardless of the consequences. Most people just don not consider what goes inside them and shy away from something like a health supplement for instance.

Ok so it was a little graphic but it made the point because you are not doing yourself any good consuming everything you see that way. This is simply detrimental to your health, in fact, maybe you want to kick some of those food habits and test out some contemporary health supplements. No, it’s not as daft as it seems because these are going to be a lot healthier for you than eating everything in sight! The worst thing is when people who have never tried them say how awful they taste.

This is absurd because you have to try certain things in life before you can determine what you think of them; besides no-one is asking you to eat a frog now are they? You see many health supplements come in wonderful flavors such as vanilla and chocolate. For me there are two that I just must take and one of those is a multivitamin which I have been taking this for a very long time and highly recommend. There is absolutely no reason why everyone couldn’t take a supplement of some kind everyday.

The other health supplement I enjoy is whey protein which I only started drinking a little while ago. These drinks are absolute powerhouses of protein; it’s quite amazing really when you think about it. I prefer to drink it in the morning but you can have it anytime of the day. In addition to being easy to drink is the fact that this little shake gives you 30 grams of protein to help with muscle development.

You often hear people saying you can’t have good without bad but that’s not true with today’s health supplements because they have removed everything that’s bad for you. All the things that are bad for you in excess have been kept out, things like: salt, sugar, saturated fat and cholesterol. Just logon to the web and check out some new health supplements today.