Fake news report are latest scam

Acai Berry scams have been rampant for more than 18 months now, and they are constantly evolving to fool ever more unsuspecting victims. In general, there are 2 very different categories of scams:

  1. The “Free Trial offers” that promise to let you try the product and you only pay for shipping
  2. Selling a watered down juice, or cheap extract powder at full price – often 4 times what it is worth

By far, the Free trial offers are the worst. The excitement of getting a free sample causes the victim to overlook fine print at the very bottom of a website that actually signs them up for a VERY expensive monthly subscription ($80 a month or more), that is VERY hard to cancel.

These scams have been going on a while, but the techniques used are getting trickier all the time. In particular, the sales pitch used by the free trial scams. The most prevalent used to be the personal experience blog, like hilarysweightloss. Before and after pictures showed great results, but were actually from a stock photo web site, and not of an acai berry user. This web site was copied thousands of times and used to rip off hundreds of thousands of desperate dieters.

Now, and even more insidious pest is popping up – the fake news report. Websites are made to look like a news site, with lots of generic news articles. One well written article is planted “reporting” on the acai berry trend and linking to a certain free trial they want to push. Julia miller news 6 is one such fake site that looks like a real news station’s website.

Visitors that stumble across one of these fake news websites are often fooled into believing it is a real news site, so they trust the link, and soon sign up for the nasty monthly subscription. I’ve heard many people express disbelief that these sites are legal, and to tell you the truth, I don’t really know. But I suspect it is much like the free trial offers themselves. These scammers know the loopholes in our laws and skirt the edges. And if they do cross the line and get in trouble, they simply close up shop and pop up next week with a different company.

A website isn’t the same as a physical store that you can come back to if you have a complaint, so do a little research when in doubt. In this case, if you google Julia miller news 6, the top listing takes you to a page on our website warning that it is a scam, so we have been able to help some people avoid the scams. Remember, the web can be a dangerous place – be careful out there.

Where to Get REAL Acai
The free trial scammers don’t bother to send you a quality acai product. They don’t plan on satisfied customers, so just use cheapest, heat processed, worthless product they can find. Sometimes they even use the ground up seed of the berry, which has no health benefit, but can then legally claim it is Acai Berry!

You can purchase REAL quality Acai Berry products safely at the BBB certified official Acaiberry Store, where you’ll find the best prices on all the top brands, but NO FREE TRIALS! Click the **ONLINE STORE** in the left sidebar.