Buyer’s Guide to Svetol® Green Coffee Extract

It’s a proven fact that green coffee bean extract can help you lose a lot more weight without any extra effort. In fact, world-renowned Dr. Oz was one of the first health experts to speak out about it and bring it to the public’s attention. Describing it as a magical bean and miracle weight loss pill that can work for any body type, he even ended up doing his very own study on it. It’s amazing that such a thing has existed all this time and we’re only just now discovering it. A true weight loss pill that works independent of any other factors including diet and exercise. But don’t run out to buy it just yet.

You may have heard all about green coffee extract by now, but you might not know that there are some better than others. If you want to maximize the weight loss from this extract then you need to buy one that contains Svetol and a minimum of 45 to 50 percent chlorogenic acid.

What is Svetol and Chlorogenic Acid?
Svetol has a very unique composition that sets it apart from other extracts. Proven time and time again in a variety of different studies, you can feel safe about taking it. Full of rich, active ingredients, Svetol is developed using the lesser-known type of coffee beans – Robusta coffee beans. Most of the generic green coffee extracts you find available on the market are created from Arabica coffee beans, which only has about half of the chlorogenic acid that Svetol has. In addition to this very important aspect, when creating Svetol there are other ingredients and compounds that are removed because they can be potentially dangerous. A couple of these are kahweol and cafestol.

What’s so Important About Chlorogenic Acid?
Chlorogenic acid, or GCA, is what’s responsible for the majority of green cofffee extract’s effectiveness. It’s an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that boosts the fat burning capabilities of your body. It slows down and limits the amount of glucose absorbed into your bloodstream after you eat.

Health Benefits Other than Weight Loss
Other than losing weight and having more energy, green coffee extract actually does several things. Other benefits you can expect are lower blood pressure, lower LDL cholesterol, a stronger immune system and better mental performance.

Buying Green Coffee Bean Extract
Don’t be fooled by greedy marketers trying to cash in on the latest weight loss craze. Some of them prominently display the word “Pure” on the label to make you think it’s better than the others. Truth is, “Pure” means pretty much nothing. What you need to look for are two things:

First, make sure that it contains the bare minimum of chlorogenic acid: 45%. If it has less than that, it hasn’t been proven by any research yet. Studies proving the weight loss effectiveness of green coffee extract had at least 45% chlorogenic acid.

Secondly, make sure that it clearly says Svetol® or GCA® (green coffee antioxidant) on the label.

If you’re buying online and they don’t give you the option to clearly read the ingredients, then look elsewhere. The ingredients should be easily accessible and you should make sure that it clearly states there are no added, artificial filler ingredients.