Is it effective?

Back in the summer of 2008 Dr Oz went on the Oprah show and raved about acai berry . People really took notice and the world started talking about acai , but I was already a fan. In January 2008 my divorce was finalized and I realized if I was going to have any success in the dating scene, I needed to lose the 35 extra pounds I had gained since graduating from medical school ( not to mention that it doesn’t inspire much confidence in patients when the doctor is so overweight ). So, I cut out most of the junk food and started running again, but my knees were giving me problems. Then a fellow doctor who is also a well known nutritional expert turned me on to AMAZON THUNDER ACAI JUICE. All the talk about antioxident this, omega 3 that, didn’t really mean much to me, but I decided to follow his advice and give it a try. I was actually a little surprised the following week to notice my knees WERE feeling better, so I kept taking the juice and increased the miles I was running.

Healthy is good, but weight loss is even better

At that point I was a fan of acai berry juice because of the anti-inflammatory properties, but I began to realize it also cut down the hunger and I was staying away from the snack machine in the mornings.

So I decided to step it up a notch, and started looking for some Acai Pills. After a LOT of research, I found acaiberrysite – ( Use my frequent buyer discount code ABD123 to GET 10% OFF! )
and started taking 2 of those in the afternoon. That pretty much killed the afternoon junk binging and brought me to dinner in good shape.

Success – Looking Good!

So now, with a good supply of juice and pills, I started taking 2 more pills in the evening, which did the trick to avoid the deadly late night snacking. Before I knew it, the pounds were coming off! Over 9 pounds the first month, and 13 the next. By then, I was only about 5 pounds over my target (what I weighed in College)! A long vacation put a few pounds back on, and I did the yo-yo thing for a while, but by the 4 month point I actually dipped below my target weight and have more or less been there ever since.

Anyways, here I am now at 165 pounds, feeling and looking great right? So if you know any cute 30 something females in the SF Bay area, shoot me an email – [email protected] If not, good luck to you all anyways, and drop a comment below to let everyone else know how you make out with your diet