Fake news report are latest scam

Acai Berry scams have been rampant for more than 18 months now, and they are constantly evolving to fool ever more unsuspecting victims. In general, there are 2 very different categories of scams:

  1. The “Free Trial offers” that promise to let you try the product and you only pay for shipping
  2. Selling a watered down juice, or cheap extract powder at full price – often 4 times what it is worth

By far, the Free trial offers are the worst. The excitement of getting a free sample causes the victim to overlook fine print at the very bottom of a website that actually signs them up for a VERY expensive monthly subscription ($80 a month or more), that is VERY hard to cancel.

These scams have been going on a while, but the techniques used are getting trickier all the time. In particular, the sales pitch used by the free trial scams. The most prevalent used to be the personal experience blog, like hilarysweightloss. Before and after pictures showed great results, but were actually from a stock photo web site, and not of an acai berry user. This web site was copied thousands of times and used to rip off hundreds of thousands of desperate dieters.

Now, and even more insidious pest is popping up – the fake news report. Websites are made to look like a news site, with lots of generic news articles. One well written article is planted “reporting” on the acai berry trend and linking to a certain free trial they want to push. Julia miller news 6 is one such fake site that looks like a real news station’s website.

Visitors that stumble across one of these fake news websites are often fooled into believing it is a real news site, so they trust the link, and soon sign up for the nasty monthly subscription. I’ve heard many people express disbelief that these sites are legal, and to tell you the truth, I don’t really know. But I suspect it is much like the free trial offers themselves. These scammers know the loopholes in our laws and skirt the edges. And if they do cross the line and get in trouble, they simply close up shop and pop up next week with a different company.

A website isn’t the same as a physical store that you can come back to if you have a complaint, so do a little research when in doubt. In this case, if you google Julia miller news 6, the top listing takes you to a page on our website warning that it is a scam, so we have been able to help some people avoid the scams. Remember, the web can be a dangerous place – be careful out there.

Where to Get REAL Acai
The free trial scammers don’t bother to send you a quality acai product. They don’t plan on satisfied customers, so just use cheapest, heat processed, worthless product they can find. Sometimes they even use the ground up seed of the berry, which has no health benefit, but can then legally claim it is Acai Berry!

You can purchase REAL quality Acai Berry products safely at the BBB certified official Acaiberry Store, where you’ll find the best prices on all the top brands, but NO FREE TRIALS! Click the **ONLINE STORE** in the left sidebar.

145 Responses to “Fake news report are latest scam”
  1. PJ says:

    Thank you for posting this information, the article I read said Julie Ayers from Channel 8 Health News and how she tested the product to prove for herself. I am so glad I found your posting, I was going to order a day ago when it said I only had till a certain day for the special free trial so I returned today just before the time to run out only to find the cutoff date extended for the second time which made me wary, thats when I decided to research a little more and found your information. You just helped me lose the weight of worry if I had been roped into an expensive battle of commitment, thank you thank you thank you.

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  4. john hanery says:

    You got numerous positive points there. I made a search on the issue and found nearly all peoples will agree with your blog.

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  7. kathy says:

    Well, I don’t feel quite as stupid after reading all your posts and realizing I’m not the only one to have fallen for this scam. I’d like to choke those ppl who prey on the weaknesses of others. I sent an e-mail to both companies and am within the 14 days but I will know tomorrow after I call my credit card company. I also plan to call the fake companies tomorrow. I can only hope that I get away with a small monetary cost. I am posting a warning on facebook also. Is there any other way to warn ppl about this? Thank you for this info:)

  8. Cherie says:

    I just recently cancelled my order to that NEWS6 website , I was all excited then realized it was way to good to be true . I called the customer service rep and she told me after 14 days Id be billed over 1OO+ dollars if i didnt cancel so after that I told her I’d cancel she offered me an extention, two extra bottles, coupons, …. it was an obvious scam . She was trying way too hard until she finally gave up and said Id be billed the 4.97 and 2.98 … that would be it and she gave me some confirmation number. I hope my boyfriend doesnt get charged or he will kill me !

  9. Anonymous says:

    If you click on the BBB link, it clearly says that even this company isn’t BBB accredited.

  10. Helen Thomson says:

    Hi, I too was caught by the acai berry scam “Katherine” at Daily Health alerts” was the namme used not Julia Miller. after I sent off my $7.98 Canadian for S/H I recieved an email with a free coupon for $50.00 worth of product I knew that $50.00 was too good to be true so went back to the site to find the scam. I called the 1-800 number and managed to get out of it except for the $7.98 but was told I would still get that product, it never came so I lost that $7.98 and actually felt grateful!!! It could have been so much worse!

  11. cc says:

    the easiest way to identify if the news site is legit simply click on other news tab, i.e. sports, weather, etc., if it directs you to their company site for selling their product then it’s a scam.

  12. Lisa says:

    I recognized this same exact news 6 person from another product being sold. Thank you for putting this out there for all who dig a little further.

  13. Diane Richardson says:

    I saw the statement about these products on my web news page. It was right on top of a picture of Dr.Oz from TV. I thought it was a product he was endorsing so I clicked on and found the article from News Report 6. It did sound way too good to be true so I tried to find info about this “news” station. I found this page instead and I wasn’t really surprised. What a world we live in! Here is a scam I fell for. Hope it saves somebody. On television there is a commercial for Hydroxatone, an eye cream that will absolutely get rid of all dark circles and bags under your eyes. It is called “Hydrolyze Under Eye Treatment” It comes in a clear green plastic jar in a green box. This ad is constantly on TV and they claim to have “a limited number of trial offers,” just pay s/h for a minimal fee. I called and placed an order with a recorded message. In a few days I received the product, only it was 3 boxes of this junk and a charge to my credit card of over $270. I called customer service who informed me that the trial is FREE, but after you USE it you have to pay and it comes with a 3 month supply. I asked, “Don’t people call the Better Business Bureau to complain about this deceptive business practice?” he replied, “Yes they do. All the time, but our company is in business over 11 years.” I was furious and got the charge removed from my bill. I never sent the stuff back to them and they have been hounding me for over a year to get their money, but I refuse to pay them. The worst part is that the stuff DOES NOT WORK at all!

  14. David says:

    I saw a fake news report by Stacie Sandler. I thought the scam was pretty obvious. I suspect most people will as well.

  15. Tara says:

    Cololipo and Acai Lipo are scams they took $600 from my account today

  16. DCof says:

    I just place an order for the free trial and then like a few minutes later i got a call from bank to confirn I just charged $199.95 to some nutrition store i said no and put a block on my card now i have to wait untill Monday to call the bank office to get a new card. This was to only cost me $3.90 but they charged me like $206.90 . I am upset with myself for falling for this

  17. Skatz says:

    It is interesting to also read their “terms and conditions” clause at the end which in essence seems to say it is fiction. “…Thus, this blog, and any page on this website, are not to be taken literally or as a non-fiction story… THE STORY DEPICTED ABOVE IS NOT TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY…”

    Always do your research, ask your doctor, ask others, and lastly, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably isn’t.

  18. als says:

    I have received scam emails before and seen the acai berry advertisements online so I clicked on one; to see if was a scam. Interestingly, on the page I went to it showed several logos of what appeared to be reputable companies that had showed the product but upon closer inspection each were slightly different from their reputable counterparts! Very interesting, though admittedly it is quite convincing. Sorry, to everyone who has been conned; hope life gets better :)

  19. efe says:

    fell for these acai non sense too.
    placed my order this morning for the colon cleanse and they said i will only be charged £2.95.
    after reading these scam reports, i quickly called my bank to cancel my credit card and they told me better health have taken £62.40 in addition to the £2.95.
    now i feel so gutted because theres nothing the bank can do to stop them as they have already taken the money. i have to call the dispute department on monday and see if i can get a refund. until then, just have to wait and see.

    it was too good to be true, wish i had read these reports before placing the order.
    will be going holland & barretts instead, no more online order!!!!!

  20. EILEEN LAWLER says:

    On 21st January I applied for the free trial for $2.99 P&P. Within 15 minutes my bank phoned and asked if I had used my card to spend $130 at Health Direct in Cyprus!!!!
    Cyprus it seems is where this scam is based.

  21. Mel says:

    being the geek that I am I read the terms and conditions and couldnt quite understand them, when I got to the pay stage, it said that my card would be charged for $128 whereas I thought it would be $14? Luckily i didnt go ahead. I then placed a question on the web page that this was advertised on and funnily enough asking how the voucher thing worked which has not been logged onto the site. Doing some proper investigation this morning and found out that the site is crap and just sits on top of a news site. be intersting to see if get any calls about this

  22. kelly says:


  23. kelly says:

    i got too, thanks to my bank they rang to ask if i was in cyprus, someone there trying to use my details soon after i ordered my free trial,thank god my bank stopped it and cancelled my card, i have reported it to the police.

  24. Whitney says:

    I keep getting the New 6 link sent to me by friends and coworkers. The first thing I did when I opened the link and after reading the article I tried to click on the other links such as world news, sports, etc. They would not come up. Proving this is not a legitimate news website. Also if this was so phenomenal it would be on our local news not the internet. I plan to forward this article on to who ever sends me the original link. Thanks.

  25. MIKE P. says:

    JUST CANCELLED membership which was supposed to be a free trial offer,They said return bottle or keep it at at discounted price of $19,95 charged to my card, I did not want to deal with them anymore agreed to charge and cancelled membership, now hope no other charges appear on my bank card.So a word to the wise don’t believe whatever that ch,7 newscaster is trying to push,This was the lean/spa acai wt.loss diet,

  26. Holly Davis says:

    Boyo! Am I ever glad that my bank notified me about the $99.95 charge that was pending on my account. Bettyat Sage Capital Bank helped me avert an over-draw. She gets “Personnel of the Decade” Award as far as I’m considered!!!
    And Ican empathize with Beth about it all. I’m just a little old lady who is on a majorly limited income. As my Daddy would have sid,”Bamn Dastards!”

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Holly – I am glad you were able to stop it before they were able to start taking funds from your account.

  27. Beth says:

    I too was fooled. I ordered the product. I did receive the trial and then didn’t receive anything else. My card was charged with different amounts and the company posted the debit amounts with different company names. The phone number on the bottle is disconnected. You cannot locate the company – they are out of the United States. The only way to stop them is by having your card stopped and then the bank issuing another card. I lost a little over $200. I guess it was my fault for not checking the account on a weekly basis. Beware! I felt and still feel like such an idiot with this because I know better.

  28. Rachel says:


    I don’t know about this site. I was so angry with leanspa that I decided to post. This is one of the few websites that lets you post something without requiring you to be a “member.”

    If you are wondering if the testimonials here are true, yes they are. See for yourself. Go to leanspa’s “terms and conditions” for the “trial offer.” It tells you that “we don’t give samples” and what will happen if you don’t return the bottle within 15 days. What happens? They charge your card $80 and will continue to charge it until you stop the automatic billing.

  29. orlando xavier says:

    I too got fooled by Amy Conner of news channel six NO such name or company .My credit card co. notefied me of possible scam and is in process of refunding me the $87.13 and changing my cc number,hope they hang these theiving SOBS.

  30. Rachel says:

    This just happened to me. I saw the fake report. Bought a trial offer and my credit card statement says that they charged me $79.99!

  31. sue says:

    I just stupidly did this also. Mt bank rang me in time to stop the transaction and cancelled my card. Im disgusted what a scam. £64.29 per dah they were going to take out. Couldnt stop thanking the fraud department at the bank