How to Make a DIY Invisible Fence


A high percentage of dog owners in western countries install a fence that serves as dog containment to keep them safe. Though this is usually the case for almost everyone and before they decide on something, they look for all the alternatives they could find first. Luckily for those dog owners, there is an alternative for that expensive fence device which is DIY invisible fence. A dog fence is for the most part safe and humane, but some groups like P.I.T.A. Do not believe these fence systems are either safe or humane; one should consult with their veterinarian before ultimately making the decision to use this type of dog fence.


For dog owners who would rather do their own invisible fence, they must know the three parts in setting up a DIY invisible fence, these are: preparation, installation and training. First, they need to have the supplies such as the transmitter box, a sufficient heavy gauge wire that would cover the perimeter in the boundary they chose to install the invisible fence and a training collar that should have a receiver. They would also need a digging tool like trencher, but they can also use a shovel though this will lengthen their time in installing. The most important thing that they should not forget is that, the location of the transmitter should be near a power outlet.

In installing the invisible fence, they should start by laying the wire in a complete circuit on the ground and then connect wires to the transmitter to ensure that it is working properly. Turn off the power and disconnect wires. Trench the perimeter where the power line will be laid. Lay the line in the trench and cover it with earth. Reconnect wires to the transmitter and turn on the power. Through the training collar, install the boundary flags surrounding the perimeter of the boundary field in not more than 6 feet. It is important that in every installation of fence, the dog should be trained so that it will be prevented from wandering in the area where the invisible fence was installed.

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