Snooki rocks it with the HCG diet

Any one can and will agree with me that Nicole Snookie is a cool lady. All TV personalities have a culture that promotes that above the rest of us. But when it comes to Nicole, it is true that she is in a class of her own. Her figure is the envy of all of us. The fact that she has lost 17 p pounds dramatically has had millions of her fans asking of the secrets of her dramatic weight loss. Housewives all over the nations are in a doing everything to imitate her spectacular weight loss. Despite the repots in some parts of the media that she uses a variety of tricks to maintain her enviable figure.
Snookie has revealed her secrets to instant weight loss in various TV interviews.

One of the greatest secret is the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin at she has been dieting. This is on top of cutting down her alcohol intake and excising a lot. The diet regime that she has adopted has had positive rewards on her life and the lives of many other people all over the world. Nicole Snookie has been using a HCG diet like many other women in the world. HCG is a hormone that is produced by the placenta when a woman is pregnant. It usually stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This hormone is responsible for controlling the metabolic reactions or functions of a woman. It is synthetically produced and utilized in diet protocols to aid in weight loss.

Like in the case of Nicole Snookie, weight loss is rapid with HCG. It is important to note that Nicole has reported a weight loss of about 17 pounds in two months. This is compatible with data on HCG weigh loss in most programs. Most HCG dieter post that they have been losing around five pounds a day. To ensure that weight loss is rapid, one should also eat a lot of vegetables together with various salads. Nicole has also reported that her weight loss with the HCG diet has been helped by her reduction in alcohol drinking. Nicole has also posted that she has been taking a lot of fibers to supplement her HCG diet. Nicole has popularized the HCG diet. In the wake of her press releases to advocate the diet, the diet program has increased the number of women that have been using the diet.